Thursday, August 10, 2006

debbie draught

This is a Debbie draught.

disney Fgure

Click on it, it'll get larger. A disney figure.

Oldy Stuffo

Here's some older stuff.
This one's a personage of ''XS4 The Spies.'' Me and Nicole made up 2 years ago. We made a whole comic based on these 4 persons, the XS4.
This piece I inked with paint and colored it with paintshop. Also a personage of XS4, but in an other style. Kinda looks the sixties style, I think.


This were assignments for school. The first two I made this year and had something to do with expressions and feelings. The last one I made a year ago. combined paint with pencil.

This drawing I made with my friend Nicole at school, while we felt bored.


Here Im trying out my aquarel again during my summer vacation in Greece.


This is the girl called Debbie. She's in one of my comics. Sooner or later you can find her on


Here are a few sketches I made during the music comic. I was making some ideas on paper. Made real fast sketches. This one is with Aquarel.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This Drawing I made with paint. Worked hours on it in Greece. You can see the rest of my work on