Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 I was seeking for some chemistry between the two characters. I think that Rocky Bean and Stingy Senor could be great friends together ;  p 

Friday, March 08, 2013

Working on my graduation project.
One of the assignments is to create two characters for Taco Mundo. Taco Mundo stands for Fresh Mexican Food. 
Here are my first scribbles:


Since 1 month I sell some card-designs on Kaartje2go.
If you click on 'Hier' you can already find some cards that I made.

 Some designs I already made one year ago, other designs are new. I'm still expanding.


My O my, Days have gone by... and I totally forgot to update this blog. Most of the work that I made in the past 6 months are posted on http://bodanieklooptstage.blogspot.com    This was a blog specially made for my internship-period.
I'll post the highlights of the last 6 months here :)

First some oldies. --- during my internship.
Illustrator Martijn van der Linden ( check out his great work : www.martijnvanderlinden.nl) gave me several assignments during my internship. 

 A paid assignment for Profielen

Test assignment for Lekker Puh

 Pitch for Uitagenda