Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Bonsai tree


sketch for an awful for a schoolproject. Biologic game. Blegh.



Hutler the butler

Yeeee. This is Hutler. Nicole und ich created this character almost two years ago. No, it's just Hutler. Nothing much. A simple character that used to be a wannabehero.


(Oostindische Inkt) + Acryl.


Dog. This crawing was actually a piece of storyboard. Later I collored it with aquarellos


aquarel studies

Aquarel study. (loads more to come) I still try to figure out the tech.

Alice und Alice

This Drawing I made with Nicole. I made the 'real' Alice and she did the ''horror Alice'' from the computer game. I drew the background and she colored the most.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

painting,sketch, draw

a few sketches

Illustration I made for a card.

painting Robert.

Painting by Arian and me.

A gag for studio ARTuur.

Made with paint. A part of my music-comic (ARTuur's strips in stereo)